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EC3 Environmental Consulting Group, Inc. (EC3) is located in Madison, Wisconsin, with satellite offices servicing Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa. Our work is focused on restoring natural areas and reviving deteriorating lands to preserve our lakes and streams while creating sustainable, healthy landscapes.

Our staff specializes in environmental planning, natural resources consulting, ecological restoration, and wildlife management services. Some of the service packages we offer include environmental regulation compliance services, permitting, and wetland determinations. We also offer conservation and habitat consulting, prairie restoration and land stewardship plans, and one of the largest botanical inventories in the Midwest. Our inventory includes native seeds, plants, and deciduous trees and shrubs.

In the last few years our team has been involved with some of the more complex and diverse projects in our field. Currently we are providing services to private land owners, developers, landscape contractors, municipalities, government agencies, professional services firms, non-profit organizations, and conservation-minded corporations.

Regardless of which client spectrum we work and partner with, our staff is committed to approaching every project with a blend of professionalism and attention to detail, while maintaining an open dialogue with the client. We are dedicated to being responsive, informative, and sensitive to budgets and time constraints. At EC3, complete client satisfaction is of paramount importance.

Should you find interest in EC3, please contact us to set up a meeting and we can work together to build a strong working relationship with you or your organization.

Purple Coneflower


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