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There are many reasons why our services are superior to that of our competitors; here you can find some of them.

Commitment to Viewing Clients as Partners:

Driven by the vision of our founders, we are committed to viewing our clients as partners, not just big-dollar projects or high-profile science experiments. Our team is dedicated to investing the necessary time listening to our clients’ vision so that we completely understand their goals. We will do all we can to eliminate any challenges that will stand in the way of making a project a success.

It may be a cliché, but we really do focus on establishing solid relationships with our clients. We recognize that we work in an increasingly complex field where it's important to be available, understanding, flexible, and responsive to the needs of our clients.

Commitment to Affordability:

All organizations can benefit from the advice of a consultant, but most wrongly assume that they cannot afford their services. Our service packages are designed so that you have a clear understanding of our costs ahead of any work. As a small company, we look to keep our business overheads to a minimum, thus passing on the benefit to you.

Commitment to Being on Time and on Budget:

We recognize the importance of a deadline and a budget when being involved in a project of any size. EC3 will never take your project on with limited resources. We will take on new projects only if we are completely dedicated to fulfilling our obligations to you within a respectable time and budget. We approach every project with a mindset of, "If you don’t succeed, we don't succeed" — and our reputation depends on it.

Commitment to Providing Exclusive Expertise:

Over the years we have prided ourselves on building very strong relationships and partnerships in our industry. Some of our partners consist of landscape architects, engineers, scientists, and other environmental experts. The relationships have grown into valuable resources which enable us to have a wide range of professionals at your disposal for projects at a minimal cost, keeping your budget manageable.

Commitment to Finding Talent:

We truly believe that our people make the difference, so we are constantly striving to recruit and retain highly talented and versatile individuals. Our team fosters an environment where a college graduate can build a career, a seasoned veteran can enhance his or her skills, and a retired eco-enthusiast's life work will be appreciated.

Commitment to Excellence:

EC3 promotes constant research and continuous update of rules and regulations as well as continuous education and development of personal skills. We focus on the most innovative methods and significant cases within our field. We are constantly striving to expand our professional excellence. We put a great deal of work into training and coaching our employees so that the value that they bring to EC3 can be realized by you.

Commitment to Higher Expectations:

At EC3 we set the highest standards for our employees, and we expect them to produce high-quality projects. We are dedicated to exhausting all avenues available, so that all of the necessary research and information is available to your project. Our goal is to have a 100% success rate. When we start a project we are committed to the project until EC3 and the client are satisfied with the results. Higher expectations are necessary in our industry; we hope you feel the same.

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